I’m a National – Aussie Pride

Australia is a country with a rich, vibrant cultural heritage. Since the day that it was found by English explorers, this has been a continent with a lot to offer and millions of tourists fly into Australia every year. As the country advances into the modern era, it is on the forefront of medical research, business opportunities, and education. It is a country that truly has something to offer to everyone. These are just a few reasons to be proud to be an Australian this year. However, the sense of pride that those who were born in Australia feel for their country does not have to stop here.

There is also something to be said for Australian culture in general. This is a country that loves to have fun. The people make a point of enjoying themselves in every way that they can, something that many other countries lack. Working and being successful are things that are valued, of course, but people do not work themselves to death here in the same way that they do elsewhere. In Australia, balance is the key. People will spend time working, but they also spend time surfing, camping, taking flights overseas and generally just enjoying the country in which they live.

As far as natural landmarks are concerned, Australians can be proud to have some of the best ones in the entire world. People come from all across the globe to see Ayers Rock, which is also known as Uluru. It is a gigantic stone that is larger than many supermarkets, the likes of which can not be found anywhere else. They also may fly up to see the Great Barrier Reef, something that is unique to the continent as well. These types of landmarks really set the country apart. These are things that Australians can take pride in that no one else has.

Beyond that, they can take pride in their teams. Sport enjoys a great amount of popularity among almost all Australians, and this is shown when the national rugby team plays their traditional match against the neighboring team from the country of New Zealand. Australians everywhere flock to pubs and restaurants to cheer on their players. Thousands attend the matches with their faces painted and flags flying. At these matches, the way that the people really feel about their country can be seen firsthand. Australian pride is a thing that runs deep within the veins of everyone who lives there, and this will always be true.